Places of Interest In South Bengal

Achipur (Budge Budge- 33 km. from kolkata)


Achipur, West BengalAchipur is an old Chinese colony and the place derived its name from the Chinese businessman, Tong Achi who established a sugar mill on the banks of Hooghly River, south of Budge Budge, during the time of Warren Hastings that is during the rule of British East India Company.

The main attraction of Achipur is the aged old Chinese temple that was built during the rule of British, when the area was populated by Chinese people. At the complex's main entrance, a there is a huge gate has been built recently. The Chinese Buddhist temple is situated at a corner of the complex and surrounded by a low wall and one might have to crouch to get inside the temple, owing to the small entrance.

The structure of the Chinese Buddhist temple in Achipur is that of a typical Chinese temple and comprises lovely wood carvings. In this temple, Chinese deities, Khudi and Khuda are worshiped.

The place is considered a gateway for those interested in the history of Chinese community. You can even opt for picnics in this place, enjoying the sight of the Hooghly


Nearby attractions: One can spend the dusky time at the Budge Budge Ferry Ghat watching the ships crossing the Ganga River. The Ferry Ghat of Budge Budge is also historically significant because Swami Vivekananda landed here when he returned from his Chicago visit.

Best visit time: The best time to visit this place is during the Chinese New Year.

Agarhati (South 24 Pgs- 66 km. from kolkata)


Agarhati, just 60 kms from Kolkata. A true water world, just two-hour drive from Kolkata. The resort itself sits on large fishing lakes (bheris) surrounded by water on all sides.

The best thing to do in Agarhati is to do nothing – just sit back in the gazebo and watch the clouds float across the blue skies. Few other things you can do here are fishing, boating and spending some quality time with your family in the park. You can also take a nap in the island's lush green grass accompanied by the lullaby of the lapping lake water. At Agarhati, you can kill the stress of your work-life and come close to your family and friends.


Nearby attractions: Just 16 kms from Agarhati is Malancha – one of the largest fish markets in West Bengal. You can also pay a visit to the newly-built bridge over Vidyadhari River at Malancha and see the setting sun over the confluence of Ichamati River and Vidyadhari River.

Best visit time: You can visit Agarhati anytime of the year.

Babur Haat (North 24 Pgs- 48 km. from kolkata)

Babur Haat

Babur Haat is a quaint rural village located about 51 kilometers from Kolkata. Babur Haat is known for its idyllic village life and the innumerable fishing lakes and bheris surrounding the village. The lakes are pretty huge and stretch over extensive areas of the village. These lakes are maintained and looked after by the local farmers who cultivate and breed different species of Bengal fishes naturally. You can visit the neighborhood farmlands where the locals cultivate vegetables like cabbage, cauliflowers, potatoes and okras. You can also have glimpse of the local village life and culture by visiting the village mud houses, the local temple and the local village market.

Nature walks, trotting the village paths and lanes, bird watching, fishing and boating are some of the interesting leisure activities you can do at Babur Haat. Fishing can be a great past time here at the local bheris. You can go for exciting fishing trips with your family and friends and enjoy angling the whole day. You can also go for short picnic trips on the local village grounds and mango orchards. The open fields can be a great space for playing outdoor games like cricket and badminton. For those who love quietness, can spend time walking around the winding paths surrounding the bheris amidst vast stretches of water bodies. You can also spend your time in the beautiful surrounds of the resort property. The resort has boating facilities and swimming pools where you can enjoy having a great swim.

Babur Haat

Nearby attractions: Babur Haat include the Malancha village, which is only 15 kilometers away. Malancha is a renowned fishing village of Bengal that has some of the biggest fish markets in all of Bengal. Located at the confluence of two beautiful rivers, the Icchamati and the Vidyadhari, Malancha offers a great view of sunset from the banks of the Vidyadhari River.

Best visit time: The best time to visit Babur Haat is during winters and early summers when the heat is less.

Bakkhali (South 24 Pgs- 132 km. from kolkata)


Bakkhali is seaside resort in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, India. It is located on one of the many deltaic islands spread across southern Bengal. Most of the islands are part of the Sunderbans, barring a few at the fringes. Some of these are joined together with bridges over narrow creeks. This small island juts out into the vast expanse of the Bay of Bengal.

It has a 7 km long beach stretching from Bakkhali to Frasergunj, a twin beach, with gently rolling waves. These are twin towns now forming one continuous locality. Casuarina trees line the beach. Except on an occasional holiday the beach is not crowded. Even if one part is crowded on a particular day, there will be plenty of barren pockets. A small stretch near Bakkhali has been lighted up. It is a hard beach suitable for cycling or even driving. One can take long walks.

Bakkhali is unique in many ways. The windmills in Frasergunj generate power for the small locality. These are visible from many places all around. Some of the hotels use solar heaters for heating water. The rickshaw van is the only form of local transport. Buses and trekkers transport people all day long.

Fishing is the primary occupation of the people all around because the salinity of the environment saps the fertility of the land. There is a fishing harbour at Frasergunj and Benfish, a wing of the state government has a presence nearby. Bakkhali and Frasegunj are unadulterated by urbanisation. One can still hear the cock crow at dawn and watch ducks puddle around muddy pools in the backyards of houses. One can see fishing nets spread everywhere. Country boats carrying sackfuls of dried fish is a common sight.

The drive from Diamond Harbour is enjoyable as the road is congested till it cross Pailan. Since it is a two way road, people should drive carefully. All the creeks have bridges over them, excepting the Doania Hatania creek at Namkhana. The ferry crossing for cars, buses and humans is a memorable experience for city dwellers. Ferry for cars/buses however remains closed between 9-17 January each year due to annual fair(mela) at Sagar Island.


Nearby attractions: Bakkhali offers so many places of attractions that are located nearby like the Henry's Island which was created by the State Fisheries Department. Frasergunj, the twin town of Bakkhali can be visited on a day trip.

Best visit time: You can visit Bakkhali throughout the year.

Bankiput (Contai- 160 km. from kolkata)


Bankiput, a pristine golden sand sea beach located in West Bengal, India. The border of this unexplored sea beach is made up by dense casuarina trees. This virgin sea beach is your own island – no speeding cars or panicking crowd. You can get the privacy; can have a wonderful and romantic time with your dear ones. There are many other attractions in this horizon kissing beach. Walk along the lovely beach with your loved ones with hand to hand. It can be the one of the best place for your honeymoon. Do not miss the heavenly sunrise and sunset. Undoubtedly the best private sea beach on the Bay of Bengal. Dariyapur,which is just 7 kilometers from Bankiput has a fully functional 96 feet high lighthouse. Get into the top of the lighthouse to have a panoramic view of the beautiful landscape and sea. You can give a pose of Titanic keeping the view of sea at background to shoot a photograph. The equipment lights in the lighthouse is a petrol vapor burner, installed in the year 1968, originally an 1881 oil lamp removed from Dwarka lighthouse and renovated at Kolkata. Nearby is the kapalkundala temple. It is believed that the great Bengali poet Bankim Chandra Chottopadhyay has been inspired by this temple to write his novel "kapalkundla". Pethuaghat is located on Rasoolpur River, where it meets the sea is around 5 KM from Bankiput.


Nearby attractions: Bankiput is located quite near to Junput and Contai (Kanthi) so you can reach most of the popular sea beach destinations of coastal Bengal from here within an hour. Starting from the popular beach destinations like Digha, Mandarmani and Shankarpur to lesser known sea beaches of Talsari, Udaypur and Tajpur – all can be reached within an hour or so from Bankiput. The newfound eco-village of Monchasa is also nearby and can be reached via Kalinagar.

Best visit time: You can visit Bakiput anytime of the year.

Bawali (Budge Budge - 35 km. from kolkata)


Bawali, a non – descriptive in the Budge Budge subdivision of 24 Parganas (South) can be reached from the Budge Budge. Bawali can also be raeched from Amtala on the Diamond Harbour Road (DH rd).

The greatest attraction of Bawali is the 300 -year-old Bawali Raajbari (palace) and its adjacent Navratna Gopinath Temple built during the same time. It is believed that Rani Rashmoni built the famous Dakshineshwar Temple inspired from the architecture of this temple in Bawali. A visit to the temple ruins and the recently renovated Rajbari with its antique furniture, sprawling lawns and verandahs lined with Corinthian pillars would be a nice experience.


Nearby attractions: Another significant event, which took place in Budge Budge in 1914, was the Budge Budge Riot, where the Sikh nationalist Gurdit Singh was arrested in his Japanese ship Komagata Maru for protesting against the Exclusion Laws in Canada. Unfortunately, 20 nationalists fell to the British police firing and many were kept under house arrest in the nearby villages. A plaque remembering the 75th anniversary of this incident is now found in the Sikh Gurdwara of Vancouver, Canada.

If you are a history addict, then try to make a trip to nearby Achipur on the banks of River Ganges. Interestingly, you would find a Chinese Temple here still holding back its wood carvings and a grand entrance. History says that Achipur was a Chinese settlement founded by the Chinese businessman – Tong Achi who established a sugar mill here during the 1770's when Warren Hastings was the Governor-General of Bengal. The sugar mill had closed down long back but the temple and Tong Achi's grave on the banks of River Ganges can still be found.

The famous Boro Kachari Mandir is around 6 kms from here. You will find the ruins of the Barood Ghar (ammunition depot) of the British army located just beside the river is worth a visit.

Best visit time: You can visit Bawali anytime of the year.

Chandpur (Midnapore - 170 km. from kolkata)


Located just 170 kms from Kolkata, Chandpur is still untouched by tourists, which makes it the cleanest stretch of beach anywhere near Kolkata. In Chandpur, you can enjoy the sunset, the full moon nights and the early morning walks on the beach. A very clean and lonely beach is what you would love to see in Chandpur in Medinipur.

There is something about lonely beaches – it gives you the feeling of "owning the horizon." The eerie looking stumps bordering the beach and the feeling of being "one of the firsts" to reach a virgin beach is just enough to persuade any traveller to pack his bags this weekend. Surely! Visiting Chandpur now, will make you feel like Robinson Crusoe.


Nearby attractions: The major beach destinations like Digha, Shankarpur, Tajpur, Mandarmani, Talshari are all within 30 kms of this new sea beach destination. You can also take day trips to other nearby deserted beaches like Bankiput and climb the 96-feet high Dariapur Lighthouse to catch a panoramic view of the sea and land.

Best visit time: You can visit the place anytime of the year.

Chandraketugarh (Barasat - 50 km. from kolkata)


Chandraketugarh is an archaeological site located beside the Bidyadhari river, about 35 km north-east of Kolkata, India, in the district of North 24 parganas, near the township of Berachampa and the Haroa Road railhead.

Years of excavation have revealed relics of several historical periods, although the chronological classification of the relics remains incomplete.

Finds include Northern Black Polished Ware (NBPW) relics, later wares dated from about 400 BC to 100 BC and approximately contemporary with the Maurya period, as well as from the more recent Kushanas and Gupta periods.

According to some historians, the Chandraketugarh site and surrounding area could be the place known to ancient Greek and Roman writers as 'Gangaridai'.


Nearby attractions: The other interesting structure nearby is the legendary incomplete mosque that was built by Pir Gorachand and his followers in Haroa. Historians believe that the mosque was built on the ruins of a Buddhist stupa, which was built some 1300 years ago, during the time of Jesus Christ. A 'darga' of Pir Gorachand is also situated at a distance of Haroa bus stand. You can also visit the Lal Masjid by availing a cycle-van from the Haroa bus stop. A visit to the Bidyadhari Bridge can be interesting for those wanting to avail a grand view of the river. While returning, you can also visit the erstwhile home of the legendary Bengali actor Chobi Biswas at Chandraketugarh.

Best visit time: Any time of the year but try to avoid the rainy season.

Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary (Sonarpur - 20 km. from kolkata)

Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary

Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary also known as CKBS (Narendrapur, 24Pgs(South), West Bengal,India) situated at south Kolkata and near Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission. This is also known as Kayal-r Bagan. This place is famous for the place for birds. This garden is famous for availability of wide variety of birds, butterflies, ferns and orchids.

Chintamani Kar Bird sanctuary is the home of a number of bird species, which include Common Hawk Cuckoo, Streak-throated Woodpecker, Emerald Dove, Crested Serpent Eagle, White-throated Fantail and Large-tailed Nightjar and many more.

This sanctuary is a great place for watching different species of birds and enjoying nature walk.

Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary

Nearby attractions: While returning, you can drop at Science City in Kolkata or enjoy your evening trip to Nicco Park.

Best visit time: The ideal time of visiting the place is the period between Spring and winter.

Choto Kolagachia (Sunderbans - 82 km. from kolkata)

Choto Kolagachia

Choto Kolagachia is a small town situated at the border of Sunderbans, West Bengal, where Rampur River and Chota Kolagachia River meets. It houses a small Ferry Ghat for passenger and goods to travel form this town to different parts of Sunderban.

Choto Kolagachia, Sunderbans, West Bengal Choto Kolagachia is extremely busy and various boats keep on passing through it every moment. The guesthouse windows and balconies offer a beautiful and serene view of the sailing boats across the tides and a resplendent sunset in the evening. Another delightful experience is a walk around the nearby villages and exploring their lifestyle, their daily activities and the returning fishermen along with their catch. The changing landscape across the villages is also a treat to watch.

The major tourist spot of Choto Kolagachia is the confluence of two rivers and consequently leading to the formation of Boro Kolagachia River. Flowing downstream, this river eventually meets with Raimongal River. Some abandoned mosques and temples also stand in the town. Smoking chimneys of brick kilns near the river banks, villages, Ferry Ghats and numerous rivulets sketch the picturesque Choto Kolagachia. It is an ideal weekend destination and immensely alluring for nature lovers.

Choto Kolagachia

Nearby attractions: Tourists in Choto Kolagachia can take a voyage around it along with the nearby places on a boat from Ferry Ghat. Local guides also accompany the travellers to the places of tourist attraction as well as through the villages. Certain parts of Sunderbans like Marichjhapi village and Jhingeykhali Watch Tower, Hemnagar, Buridabri etc. can also be accessed by boat.The rivers are the lifeline here and you can spend the whole day watching the tides and passing boats from the lawn of your guesthouse. If you inform the guesthouse authorities in advance, they can also arrange local cultural programs like Tusu Dance, Monosha Bhasan and Bonobibi Jatra.

Best visit time: The dark clouds spread over the horizon and the river during monsoons. In winters, birds chirp all around the villages and the cool river wind soothes the soul during the summer. Choto Kolagachia can be visited anytime of the year.

Diamond Harbour ( South 24 Pgs - 50 km. from kolkata)

Diamond Harbour

Diamond Harbour is in the southern suburbs of Kolkata, on the eastern banks of the Hooghly River quite near where the river meets the Bay of Bengal. This small town is a popular weekend tourist spot located in South 24 Parganas district.

Diamond Harbour was frequented by the Portuguese pirates. Thus, the site features some ruins associated with the pirates, the most notable being the remnants of the Chingrikhali Fort, built in the 16th century. According to the locals, the fort was inhabited by the Portuguese pirates. Tourists also visit the Sarisha Ramkrishna Mission Ashram, another prominent highlight of the site. Diamond Harbour also houses an age-old lighthouse, which is also a major tourist attraction. However, the best thing to do in Diamond Harbour is to sit beside the river and watch the passing boats.

Diamond Harbour

Nearby attractions: This small town with a picturesque setting is the gateway to the south-western part of the district leading to such places as Gangasagar, Kakdwip, Namkhana and Bakkhali. Gangasagar is a Hindu pilgrimage site where Hindus perform ablutions to wash away their sins. Bakkhali is gaining in popularity as a beach resort. There is a five star hotel with a magnificent panoramic view of the river at Raichak. Jetties at Diamond Harbour, Raichak and 'Nurpur' provide steamer service to the other bank of the wide river estuary.

Best visit time: Diamond Harbor attracts most of the tourists all round the year, to savor the scenic beauty of the destination.

Dhuturdaha (South 24 Pgs - 51 km. from kolkata)


Dhuturdaha is a quiet, placid parish that is 51 kms from Kolkata, a village with endless stretches of "Bheri" or fishing lakes. The vegetable precincts, stretches of leaf fringed ponds, palm trees, mango groves and the temples coloured by the local hues all seem to justify the rural picturesque scenario of Dhuturdaha. The region is even mapped by the diverse shades of the rustic lives and has a bit of poetic indulgence. Dhuturdaha promises the solitary lackadaisical environment where a tired soul can just relax watching the vast incessant, infinite skies over the checked layered green horizon, get together with one's family and friends beside the pond, and indulge in the act of fishing.


Nearby attractions: The best thing to do is to watch the little things of village life pass around you. You can do casual birdwatching of some local birds around Dhururdaha and walk around the fringes of the fish lakes. You can also enjoy boating within the resort and try your hand in fishing. You can also play outdoor games in the nearby fields and take long village walks. If you are planning to stay a little longer, then try to visit Malancha. You can watch the sunset over the Bidyadhari River from here or take a country boat to cross over to Chaital on the other side. A visit to a nearby brick kiln can also be a nice experience. There is one more thing you can do – if you love eating fish. You can stop at Malancha's Fish market to buy some freshly caught fish at great prices while returning from Dhuturdaha.

Best visit time: You can visit any time of the year.

Digha (Midnapore - 185 km. from kolkata)


Digha is a seaside resort town in the state of West Bengal, India. It lies in East Midnapore district and at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal. It has a low gradient with a shallow sand beach with gentle waves extending up to 7 km (4.3 mi) in length.

The town of Digha is divided into Old Digha and New Digha. The beaches of Old Digha have all been submerged in the sea and the Govt. has protected the sea with boulders and concrete constructions. However, Old Digha offers a unique look, admired with huge stones and concrete steps. The beach of the recently developed area of New Digha just 2 km away has nice golden beaches. The beach of the New Digha is quite extensive and is still not exploited and maintained properly. The entire region of Digha is dotted with Casuarina groves.


Nearby attractions: You can easily make a number of trips to the nearby destinations of Digha. Only 2 km. west of Digha is the pristine beach of Udaipur, along the border of Orissa and Bengal. Admired with Casuarina trees, the sight of the beach has some unique appeal to the tourists. You can also locate a delta nearby, which marks the confluence of the Subarnarekha River and Bay of Bengal. You can also make a trip to the famous temple of Lord Shiva in Chandaneswar, which is visited by millions of devotees during the Maha Vishuva Sankranti. Junput, Shankarpur, Mandarmani and Tajpur are tourist hotspots, located near Digha.

Best visit time: Digha is suitable for visiting round the year.

Falta (South 24 Pgs - 51 km. from kolkata)


Falta is a town with a Special Economic Zone and a police station in Diamond Harbour subdivision of South 24 Parganas district in the Indian state of West Bengal. Located just 51 kms from Kolkata on the banks of River Hooghly.

The whole town has grown along the banks of River Hooghly. There are parks and walkways all along the river bank for you to enjoy your long-cherished evening walks along the river banks. The Bose Bigyan Mandir is the farmhouse of Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose. It is a beautiful farmhouse with a lovely garden and lots of trees.

You can spend your evenings taking long walks along the coast of River Hooghly, take a boat ride on Ganges or arrange a picnic in any spot along the river bank. Bird watching and village walks are other activities to enjoy here.


Nearby attractions: Diamond Harbour is only half hour's drive from here and Raichak can be reached in minutes. The riverside towns of Gadiara and Geonkhali are located on the other side of the river and takes less than an hour. You can also visit the riverside town of Nurpur, just 30 mins from Falta. The historic town of Tamluk in East Midnapore on the bank of River Rupnarayan is also not far and so is the Industrial town of Haldia.

Best visit time: Falta can be visited anytime of the year. It is a nice weekend river destination for a family getaway.

Garshalboni (Jhargram - 170 km. from kolkata)


Garshalboni, situated near Jhargram in West Bengal, presents the tourists a wonderful vacation amid dense forest and historical India. In the olden days, the place was ruled by the Malla Kings. There is a farmhouse, spanning over an area of 40 acres, within the forest which used to serve as their jungle retreat. It was later also occupied by the British. Garshalboni features never ending expanse of green forests, virgin natural beauty, exotic migratory birds, ancient temples and gracefully meandering rivers. Staying in the ancient farmhouse, waking up to the call of birds and exploring the wondrous landscapes around makes Garshalboni an ideal weekend Best destination.


Nearby attractions: The natural surroundings of Garshalboni are impressive with an extensive stretch of forest. A variety of plants can be spotted in the forest such as mango trees, cashew trees, mahua, teak, saal and others. Garshalboni delights the tourist in many more ways by sheltering a plethora of visiting spots such as the government Ayurvedic medicinal plant garden, a small zoo, a nearby spring well etc. One can also explore the textile printing works there. Idling in the farmhouse is a rejuvenating experience for body and soul. The farmhouse is stuffed with history and one can catch glimpses of ancient India there. The environs of Garshalboni are immensely serene and peaceful. Goddess Kanak Durga temple also stands here. Watching the tribal dance nearby in the evening is another added attraction. Garshalboni is also dotted with a plethora of ruins belonging to old palaces and temples.

Best visit time: Garhshalboni can be visited all through the year however winters are preferable for bird watchers. During rainy season one can witness the lush greenery of the forest. It is situated at a distance of 170 kilometres from Kolkata and can be easily reached through roadways.

Geonkhali (East Medinipur - 130 km. from kolkata)


Geonkhali is a village and scenic tourist spot in the Mahisadal Block of East Midnapore district of West Bengal. It is located 130 km to the south of Kolkata at the confluence of the rivers Hooghly, Rupnarayan and Damodar. This makes Geonkhali a very scenic and beautiful place. In winter many tourists come here to spend some days or just for a picnic. From here a path goes to Haldia Development Authority Tourist Complex. You can see ships coming in and going out. You can also visit Mahishadal from here.

Geonkhali is simply an amazing place to move around. You can drive down by the road or take a leisurely stroll by the riverside. The confluence of the three mightiest rivers of Bengal gives it the appearance of a sea here. The good thing about this place is that it is still not crowded, which offers an ample scope for savoring the natural beauty of the region in isolation. You can also check out the remnants of launches and steamers by the riverside. There is a ferry ghat from where you can enjoy boat rides to nearby destinations and there is a small park and lake near the water treatment plant where you can enjoy boating too.


Nearby attractions: You can visit Gadiara, nestled on the other side of the river. Diesel powered boats are available to cross the river in around 15 minutes. From here you can also catch a boat to visit Nurpur. Haldia is also nearby – it takes around an hour from Geonkhali.

Best visit time: You can visit the place any time of the year.

Gopegarh (Medinipur - 260 km. from kolkata)


Gopegarh Eco Park is an ecological park in Midnapore District of West Bengal. This ecological park serves for the people as the place for walking as the place for playing for the children.

Gopegarh Eco Park is a park for amusement and serves as a good picnic spot for the families. This park has also the facilities for boating arranged by the Forest Range Office.Many people can also be seen in the cooler morning and evening hours walking near the riverfront.

The forest on top of the fort has been slashed and replaced by flowers like Duranda, Vacaranda, as well as Tekosa, Shal and Bakul trees and strewn with soft lush green grass. The rail bridge over the sparkling waters of River Kasai is a sight worth watching, which you can, if you go on the top of another huge tower in this eco-park.


Nearby attractions: Among the nearby attractions, you can definitely visit the Arabari Forest Range which is the home to herds of elephants who often enter the forest from the Dalma range.

Best visit time: This place is open round the year, but it is better if the rainy season is avoided for visiting Gopegarh.

Hatibari (Jhargram - 260 km. from kolkata)


Hatibari is an amazing weekend destination located on the borders of the states of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Odisha. The place is surrounded by small hills and lush greenery. River Subarnarekha flows through the place. The chirping of birds in the forests of Sal, Piyal, Teak and Eucalyptus trees make the environment of Hatibari mesmerizing. You can spend your time watching the fishing boats in the waters of Subarnarekha river. Gopiballabhji's Temple is a must see attraction from Hatibari.


Nearby attractions:You may also visit the nearby Jhilli Dam, Kendugari and Rameshwar Temple.

Best visit time: Though the destination is open throughout the year, it is advisable to avoid the rainy season.

Henry's Island (Bakkhali - 130 km. from kolkata)

Henry's Island

Henry Island is an island near Bakkhali in South 24 Parganas, India. It is around 130 km (81 mi) from Kolkata. Henry Island is named after a European who surveyed land in the area in the late 19th Century. Dense mangrove forest parted by numerous canals covered the area then. There is no one to pry other than the red fiddler crabs dotting the shore. Lazing on the sprawling and deserted beach is very enjoyable. The view from the Sundari Tourist Complex tower is excellent and refreshing.

The main attraction of Henry Island is the beach adjacent to the Sunderbans. Besides, there is a watchtower where you can climb and get the complete view of the island.

You can take a stroll on the beach and enjoy the sunset and watch the fishing boats sailing in far off sea. You can also get to the watchtower and get the complete panoramic view of the island.

Henry's Island

Nearby attractions: Bakkhali, Frasergunj, Jambudwip are the nearby attractions of Henry's Island.

Best visit time: Throughout the year.

Jambu Dwip (Bakkhali - 132 km. from kolkata)

Jambu Dwip

Jambudwip is the name of an isolated island situated in the Bay of Bengal about 8 km to the southwest of Fraserganj/Bakkhali in the South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, India. It remains uninhabited except in the fishing season, i.e. between the months of October and February.

The main attraction of Jambu Dwip is the island itself which is the home for a wide range of species of bird and reptile. Besides, you will be amazed to find such a great range of marine life, mainly fishes.

Jambu Dwip

Nearby attractions: You can take a trip to witness the beach life of Bakkhali or visit Frasergunj which is often considered to be the twin town of Bakkhali. You may also find the Lothian Island located nearby.

Best visit time: You can visit Jambu Dwip throughout the year.

Junput (Midnapore - 145 km. from kolkata)


Junput is about 9 kms from Contai town and is 40 km away from Digha by bus. From Kolkata side you have to drive to Contai and then take a left turn towards Junput.

You will be amazed to see the converging point of Rasulpur and Ganga, where many tourist flock to savor the natural beauty of the place. The lighthouse is also worth watching. The place is also admired by a Kapalkundala temple and the museum of the fishery department.

Explore the serene sea beach of Junput. The sea of the region is quite and clam.


Nearby attractions: You can visit Digha, Mandarmani, Tajpur and Talsharee within an hour's drive from Junput.

Best visit time: There is no definite season of visiting Junput as tourists are found visiting the sea beach of Junput all through the year.

Machranga Dwip (Hasnabad - 75 km. from kolkata)

Machranga Dwip

Machranga Dwip or Kingfisher Island is positioned between Icchamati River and Bhasa River. An aura of mystery and smoky hues of obnoxious desolation has its mark felt upon the island.

Machranga Dwip has Bangladesh on one of its side and India on the other. This bleak island is roofed by trees and is measured as an ideal hub for a fun-filled day trip. The island can be reached from Hasnabad or Taki by hiring a local boat.

The island is nice for a nature walk over the stretched green fields and in the distance where enchantment screams one can visit the villages of Bangladesh. The setting sun over River Ichamati as viewed from the island is an extravagant sight to be sheltered in the brain eternally. It is a petite island in the middle of Ichamati River that is still more or less a virgin spot. Nearby attractions of Machranga Dwip at Taki, which is another popular day trip destination, is just twenty minutes from Machranga Dweep. Hasnabad is also nearby.

Machranga Dwip

Nearby attractions: Taki, which is another popular day trip destination, is just 20 mins from Machranga Dweep. Hasnabad is also nearby.

Best visit time: Though the place can be visited throughout the year, it is advisable not to visit this small island during the rainy season.

Mandarmani (Digha - 140 km. from kolkata)


It is almost 180 km from Kolkata Airport on the Kolkata - Digha route. red crabs crawling around the 13 km long beach is a special attraction of Mandarmani. It is argued to be the longest driveable (drive in) beach in India.

Geomorphologically, this area has relatively low waves than nearer tourist beach of Digha. However still this beach is deposition with formation of neo dunes in several areas specially around Dadanpatrabar.


Nearby attractions: The beach is the primary attraction offering tourists to enjoy the sea from early morning to late afternoon. From 3 PM onwards, people head out near Rose Valley Hotels where beach bikes, ropeway etc. can be availed. There are also a string of local shops selling shells, handmade jewellery and handicrafts. A few locals also offer groups to take trip towards the mohana (Estuary) during sunset.

Best visit time: Mandarmoni attracts tourists all through the year. If you are not a rough sea lover avoid full-moon nights, as the sea beach is not available and goes under the water few times a day. Mandermuni is great during the monsoons when the sky is filled with rolling dark clouds and the rain is visible from the distant horizon. Winters are also great at Mandarmani.

Mandal Pushkarini (Medinipur - 250 km. from kolkata)

Mandal Pushkarini

Mandal Pushkarini is located in Garbeta, West Medinipur. It is a huge pond located in a forest of Sal and Teak. While, staying at Mondal Pushkarini you can visit the nearby destinations of Garbeta like Sarbamangala temple, Raikota fort, Mangala Lake, Radhaballav temple, Gongoni gorge and Silaboti River. The famous terracotta temple town of Bishnupur is only 20 kms from here.

he region around the Mandal Pushkarini is covered with Sal plantation, the branches of which form a canopy. Stroll along the pathway under the shade of the canopy to explore the nearby attractions.

Mandal Pushkarini

Nearby attractions: You need to travel for around 15 km. to view the 700-year-old temple at Bagri, nestled on the northern bank of the River Shilabati, which is a notable site around Mandal Pushkarini.

The major spots of tourist interests around Mondal Pushkarini are the temple of Sarbamangala and the famous fort of Raikota.

You can also find two other temples, namely the Radhaballav temple and the Kameshwar temple, the architectural style of which are similar to the Sarbamangala Temple. Radhaballav temple is a blend of Bengal and Orissa architecture.

Best visit time: Mandal Pushkarini invites tourists all round the year.

Meen Dweep (Haldia - 72 km. from kolkata)

Meen dweep

Meen dweep is a charming river island, in the Hooghly River near Haldia in Purba Medinipur in West Bengal. Meen dweep which is also known as Nayachar is famous for its natural beauty and the exotic view of River Haldi bounding the island truly offers visual pleasure. The island is home to a large number of fishermen and the economy of the island depends entirely on fishing. The entire island is covered with mangrove forest and the West Bengal Fisheries Department has taken initiative to breed jumbo prawns here.

Haldi river and its estuaries and its fisheries (Benfish) and the huge bheries for which the island is famous is worth seeing.

Meen dweep

Nearby attractions: Some tourist destinations people love to visit from Meen dweep are Kukrahati, Moynagarh, Tamluk Rajbari, Gopalijew Temple, Muktidham temple ,Haldia Dock and Balughata River Side Sunset Point. Destinations on the other side of Haldia like Raichak and Daimond Harbour can also be visited from Meen dweep.

Best visit time: You can visit at any time of the year but try to avoid the summer & rainy seasons.

Monchasha (Contai - 130 km. from kolkata)


Monchasha Located on the banks of Bagda River in the remote village of Paushi, in East Midnapur district of West Bengal, it has an interesting story behind its development.

There is an orphanage called Antyodoy Anath Ashram in Paushi. The primary aim of this orphanage is to provide food and shelter to the parent-less children or single parent children, abandoned by their family. The orphanage is operated by Sri Balaram Karan, who was an owner of a medicine shop at Kalianagar. To run the orphanage, he sold out most of his assets. After sometime, an ashram was constructed to provide shelter to the destitute children. Now, to support this noble cause, Monchasha has been built, which is a sprawling eco-tourism project.

You can visit "Sahajiya" during daytime and try your hand in painting or sculpting. It is also an "adda maancha" for the guests. Take your children to Tala Bhangar Poth, the play station, where he will truly enjoy playing Carom, Ludo and other traditional folk style games like Guti Khela, Guli Danda, Bagh-Bandi, Luko-Churi, Jor-Bijor, Ekka Dokka etc. However, the best thing to do in Monchasha is to savor nature – you can take long walks along the Bagda River or visit the nearby villages to watch life flow in a different tune.

Meen dweep

Nearby attractions: The temple of Bahiri which dates back to the Middle Ages is just a few kilometers from Mon Chasa. The historically significant town of Tamluk boasting of a thousand year old Devi Barghobhima Temple (one of the popular Shakti peeths), a Rajbari, a museum and Rakhit Bati – the secret centre of freedom fighters is also located nearby.

Best visit time: You can visit Monchasha any time of the year.

Parmadan Forest (Ranaghat - 80 km. from kolkata)

Parmadan Forest

Parmadan Forest is also known as Bibhutibhushan Wildlife Sanctuary. Bibhutibhusan Wildlife Sanctuary (formerly Parmadan Forest) is an animal sanctuary in North 24 Parganas district in Indian state of West Bengal. Situated on the banks of river Ichamati covering an area of 68 km2 it has more than 200 deer, birds, rabbit and a large number of langurs. It also has a children's park, a small zoo and a tourist lodge of the forest department.

Located about 100 km from Kolkata and 25 km from Bongaon it started its journey in 1964 when 14 chital was released in the forest. In 1980 it was named as "Parmadan" when it was declared as wildlife sanctuary.

Apart from strolling in the forest and watching the Langurs fooling around, you can visit the local villages and enjoy a boat ride down Ichamati River. Parmadan forest is also home to numerous birds and trees.

Parmadan Forest

Nearby attractions: You can visit Naldungri located nearby and visit Chuatiya – the border village between India and Bangladesh just an hour's journey from Parmadan.

Best visit time: The forest can be visited throughout the year but it is better to avoid the forest during the rainy season. The winters bring some birds to the forest.

Raichak (Diamond Harbour - 50 km. from kolkata)


Raichak is a small town in South 24 Parganas district of the Indian state of West Bengal. It is located on the bank of the Hooghly river, some 50 km south of Kolkata. It is about 15 km from Diamond Harbour.

The Dutch had built a fort at Raichak, which is on a river bend, in the 18th century. Following the withdrawal of the Dutch from India, the fort was left to ruin. The place became important with the development of Haldia. Raichak acts as a link between Haldia and Calcutta.

Savor the scenic beauty of Raichak and the spectacular sunset on the river Hooghly. The ferry rides or the boat rides from the Raichak Jetty and Nupur Jetty to Gadiara or Kukhrahati is truly exciting. Relish the scrumptious Bengali cuisines available at Raichak. In visiting Diamond Harbor you can also book a daylong river cruise trip.


Nearby attractions: If you want to explore further afield, organize an exciting trip to Diamond Harbor, 15 km from Raichak. Diamond Harbor used to be a bustling port of the British, where you can still find large ocean vessels. Tourists are truly amazed by the natural beauty of the place. The site also houses the ruins of an ancient Portugese Fort called Chingrihkali Fort, known as the refuge of the Portugese pirates. You can also spot a lighthouse at the site. Many tourists also visit the Ashram of Sharisha Ramakrishna Mission located here. You can also enjoy a tour in the neighboring township of Joynagar or visit nearby Gadiara.

Best visit time: The ideal time of visiting Raichak is during the period between October and March, when the temperature drops down and becomes pleasant.

Rajendrapur (South 24 Pgs - 42 km. from kolkata)


Rajendrapur is a beautiful village just 42 kms from the heart of Kolkata.

The simple and slow moving village life of Rajendrapur would surely make you envious. You would find the farmers ploughing their fields, children chasing ducks, fisherman casting their nets and the village elders sitting under the Peepul tree discussing the year's crops. Paddy and mustard fields stretch as far as your eye can meet on one side of the village, while the other side has vegetable gardens, ponds and mango orchards. The mango grove is more like a hideout surrounded by green fields, vegetable gardens and a placid pond teeming with carps. A walk through the paddy fields would take you to this peaceful refuge.


Nearby attractions: Take a ride in the local van rickshaws to the famous Vidyadhari River at nearby Malancha (around 6 kms from Rajendrapur). You can watch the setting sun from the bridge over Vidyadhari River. Rajendrapur is surrounded by large fishing ponds and a mango grove. Fish lovers can also visit nearby Malancha Village.

Best visit time: You can visit Rajendrapur anytime of the year.

Raipur (Budge Budge - 35 km. from kolkata)


If you are searching for a nice riverside destination near Kolkata to de-stress yourself after a whole week of slogging in your workplace, then Raipur would be an ideal choice. An hour's comfortable drive across the green paddy fields from the city's heart would take you to this beautiful destination on the banks of the mighty Ganges.

The main attraction of Raipur is the mighty Ganges River. Here, the river takes a bend and gives a panoramic view of the horizon. You would also find a pier sticking out to the river to moor ships and boats. A water-treatment plant, the riverside road, the surrounding villages and local tea shops filled with gossiping folks gives a perfect ambience to idle away your day.


Nearby attractions: You can take a ferry ride to the other side of the river to Uluberia. There is a local Radhakrishna Temple where you can visit in the evenings. One of the largest water treatment plants is also located nearby.

Best visit time: Raipur can be visited anytime of the year.

Sagardwip (Sundarban - 135 km. from kolkata)


Sagardwip is 135 km (about 5 hours) away from Kolkata. Sagardwip is in West Bengal. A lovely destination combining pilgrimage and fun, situated on an island in the Sunderban, holds the charms of a completely unspoilt beach on the estuary of the mighty Ganga. Sagardwip the best weekend tourist spots of Bengal nearby Kolkata.

The remaining of the destroyed lighthouse is a major sight-seeing site in Sagardwip. Visit the temples or explore the calm and serene beach of Sagardwip, which experience a major footfall of tourists mainly during the famous Gangasagar mela but otherwise remain fairly isolated in the rest of the year.


Nearby attractions: Kapil Temple, Bharat Sevashram Sangha temple and Kachuberia on the other side of the river.

Best visit time: You can visit Sagardwip at any time of the year. If you want to see the Sagar Mela then visit the place during the mid week of January.

Shankarpur (Midnapore - 185 km. from kolkata)


Shankarpur is a virgin beach town located 14 km east of Digha in West Bengal. It is also a regular fishing harbour. The mornings are cool, when fishermen can be seen hauling their huge nets out of the sea. The morning sun reflecting on the sea waves in the east, and the local fishing boats on the coast offer excellent photographic opportunities.

Located in the Purba (East) Medinipur District of the state of West Bengal, Shankarpur is a beach destination along the Digha-Contai Road which is fast gaining popularity. It is at a distance of about 185 km from the capital city Kolkata, and about 14 km from the famous beach town Digha.

You can enjoy a stroll along the sea beach of Shankarpur. If you are enough adventurous, take a dip in the sea, enjoying the rolling waves. You will also find some shops at the sea beach selling ornaments made from conch shells. Walk around the casuarinas groves admiring the sea beach. Enjoy drinking plenty of green coconut water sold in the small shacks near the seaside.


Nearby attractions: You can also visit beach destinations like Mandarmani, Tajpur, Udaipur and Talsharee within half an hour.

Best visit time: You can travel to Sankarpur any time of the year.

Taki (Hasnabad - 80 km. from kolkata)


Taki is a town and a municipality under Hasnabad police station of Basirhat subdivision in North 24 Parganas district in the Indian state of West Bengal. An extremely peaceful place to rest in a bagan bari near the banks of Ichhamati as well a nice place to go sightseeing, Taki is the place to be this weekend.

You can enjoy the mid-river experience of meeting the countrymen of Bangladesh, on the Ichamati River, where tourists from both countries ride on boats to get a close view of the other country. You can also visit the ruins of zamindar houses, Ramkrishna Missions, Kuleshwari Kali Temple, 300 years old Jora Shib Mandir, Golpatar jungle and General Shankar Roychowdhury's adi bari.

Being close to our neighboring country Bangladesh, a boat ride on the waters of Ichamoti is an activity you surely cannot miss. Another boat ride to the Machranga Island is also a nice thing to be done here. Hire a van rickshaw and visit the Golpatar jungle. The experience of the newly made canopy jungle path walk inside the Golpatar jungle is unique and interesting. Remember to carry a photo identity proof if you want to visit the Golpatar jungle, as BSF will only let you enter the region if you have one. While in Taki, you must try the famous sweet "chanar malpoa." of this region.


Nearby attractions: Machranga River Island is a nearby destination to visit from Taki. The mini Sundarbans, consisting of Sundari and Golpata trees have been created here by the municipality.

You can also visit the ruins of zamindar houses, Ramkrishna Missions, Kuleshwari Kali Temple, 300 years old Jora Shib Mandir, Golpatar jungle and General Shankar Roychowdhury's adi bari.

Best visit time: Taki can be visited any time of the year.

Tajpur (Medinipur - 140 km. from kolkata)


Tajpur is located in Purba Medinipur, West Bengal, India on the shore of Bay of Bengal (near Digha). Tajpur is set between Mandarmani and Shankarpur. Tajpur is 170 km from the state capital Kolkata.

Tajpur has also around 1400 acres of land dedicated to Pisciculture. There are a number of bheris or fish-ponds in the area. As a tourist attraction, it is relatively new as there are fewer hotels compared to Digha and Mandarmani. The beach is clean and home to numerous red crabs.

Shrouded with tranquility, Tajpur is still unexplored, hence unexploited. Savor the natural beauty and the virgin beaches of the place, which will surely enrich your holiday experience of Tajpur. If you love adventure sports, then Tajpur is for you. Here, we can arrange Parasailing, Kayaking, Rafting, Zorbing, Rock Climbing and other types of adventure sports. If you just want to spend few days in peace in a beach destination near Kolkata, the Tajpur is an ideal choice.


Nearby attractions: You can travel to Mandarmoni from Tajpur, famous for beach attractions. You can also visit Sankarpur, Digha, Talsaree and Bankiput from here.

Best visit time: Tourists can visit Tajpur all through the year.